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a clockwork corrigendum

david gerberding
29 November 1983
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i've got a thing for dragonflies and brown eyes.
1984, 33, al simmons, an angel named angela, andre johnson, appleton, astrology, baby spice, barry sanders, beaches, beauty, blakgumz, bloomonkey, bloomonkey.com, brazilian rainbow boas, brett favre, bringing out the gimp, chad johnson, chicks with dreadlocks, contemplating, covering 85 in 05, cowboy hats, creating, daron malakian, david carr, deion sanders, domanick davis, dreadlocks, epistemology, esp, exalting the mundane, failing, football, french braids, gaming, green bay, green tree pythons, guitar, gwinn, hell town trio, homer, ibanez, jerry rice, knowledge, ladainian tomlinson, leonardo da vinci, living on lake superior, marshall faulk, matchstick men, memento, memorizing, michaelangelo, michigan, movies, mudvayne, music, my band, my future, my snake, negaunee, oasis, outkast, ovid, pablo picasso, packers, painting, people from texas, perfection, philosophy, photoshop, plato, psychology, pulp fiction, quejkwah, quentin tarantino, rage against the machine, reading, reggie white, remembering, reptiles, reservoir dogs, ronde barber, roy williams (s), roy williams (wr), ryknow, sah, scary spice, second guessing myself, snakes, spawn, sports, stories, story telling, success, system of a down, the astral plane, the backstreet boys, the beach boys, the beastie boys, the c major scale, the concept of iconoclasm, the crossroads, the great lakes, the green bay packers, the monkees, the note b, the purple people eaters, the stars, the steel curtain, theatre, thinking, tiki barber, todd mcfarlane, uncanny valley, walter payton, wandering, water, wind, wingless faeries, winston smith, wisconsin, wondering, worrying, writing, xbox